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inteleon looks like johnny depp would have one

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conservative gay furry

i just think it's biphobic that i don't own one of the sleeping espeon plushes


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can I ask for Lillie from Pokémon as a bi woman or is that a headcanon? I'm not totally sure, sorry! But there is a scene in Sun and Moon that could be seen as suggesting it, in that it has a cute potentially romantic moment that occurs with both male and female player characters.

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!!! i'd love to see it if that's true!

it's been like forever since i've played sumo so i looked into it and right now im just finding a lot of people assuming that she's flirting with the player character but no proof that she actually is (and a lot of people in replies saying they don't remember her flirting either).

anyway yeah for now im assuming its just a really popular hc but if you know what specific scene then totally tell me and i'll take a look!

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that totally makes sense! it has been a while since i played as well, but i think that scene with the dialogue having been changed after all is what got me thinking of it the most, so in fairness it may be too far into headcanon territory! if i find anything else i will let you know bc it is a cool concept close to my heart but i don't want to push it if it's so vague and open to interpretation as just that :)

hatterene says trans rights and also stop fucking sexualising me

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guess which bitch gave herself repetitive strain in a shoulder tendon from trying too hard to make good curries for her pokémon

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Ooh, if you wanna get at least Copperajah rank everytime, if not Charizard, head to the NPC camp on Route 7. Every time I've visited, there's 3 other NPCs (and a lot of Meowths) who will cook with you, and with some decent berries its super easy to make the best curries. Took me one curry to get my Cleffa up to a point I could evolve her.

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thank you for saving both my shoulder and my berry supplies :,)

guess which bitch gave herself repetitive strain in a shoulder tendon from trying too hard to make good curries for her pokémon

after probably several hours searching i tried looking for togepi again on my lunch break today and not only did i find one in 2% chance conditions, but it was FEMALE!!!!! i love my baby :,)

this game is too mean i just watched a giant machamp brutalise a tiny baby togepi is there no justice in this world

it's so weird and fun playing pokémon and seeing and exploring areas blatantly designed after an exact place i grew up hanging around

idk what i expected after hearing so much bad stuff about sword and shield pre-release but i can absolutely say that what is sticking with me most from playing it so far is how unexpectedly great the soundtrack is, which has literally never happened before for me. slumbering weald and circhester genuinely have such beautiful themes that i literally stopped playing for several minutes in each place just to listen and i am OBSESSED

alcremie is defo up there amongst my fave pokémon. it already was by design but its stubby lil toddler arm waving run and the stinkin cute way it naps have sealed it 😭



alcremie runs to you with its chubby lil arms out like an excited toddler

me with my level 150 combee