i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals. i take nice pictures sometimes.

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is she a colliiiiiiieeeeee, or is she a weird fox (is she a weird fox)

yesterday i had to say goodbye to my first ever pet, the cat i chose from my cousin's cat's litter when i was only 3 years old. for the past almost 23 years, she has been my sidekick, following me around, meowing for me to brush her or pick her up, sleeping outside my room, and eating anything and everything off my plate that was safe for her. because of lockdown, i have been away from home and couldn't spend her last couple of months with her, or be there for her passing. that will hurt forever, but it was time.

i love you so, so much munchkin. the house isn't going to feel like home without you. i don't know it without you there.

home is where the goblin is (she likes to watch pottery throwdown with us)

paint us like your pedigree dogs

"haha no stop at least get my good side"

i would both kill for and die for this dog

my bfs dog is watching the great pottery throw down with us

my cats are morons and i love them so much

in pursuit of a warm butt, 2019

i am absolutely gutted. i will miss playing with this little oreo cookie with all of my heart.

paint me like your french fries

makin my way downtown

my cat purrs when she eats and if that isn't a mood i don't know what is

am i allergic to my cat? yes. does her fur make my eyes itch and my nose run and annoy my skin? yep! will any of that stop me pressing my entire face lovingly into her side as i pet her and tell her i love her? absolutely NOT