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purple mountain sunset

oil on canvas

2x2 inches

She had been watching them through the reflection off the glass of her window. The gold of her own eyes blending with the red, black and white of their scales became her inspiration as she began to coat the canvas.

It wasn't until she was done that she stepped back to truly look at what she'd created and she knew.

She knew that this painting was for him.

Robot Gal appreciation post

Gal im sorry for giving you a nose even tho you canonically are built like a cartoon and also for not naming you even tho its been a year since i made you please do not harm me-

Mini canvas projects progress

Tbh i have no idea where i am going with any of these.

The fox is basically done i think? except for tidying the lines and a second coat of black. The spacey one needs stars and also Something as a central focus. Maybe a big sigil over it all if i can decide on intent. The hexagons are... idk, i am really playing it by ear there.

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Spring Landscape with a Farmer and White Horse, 1906, Childe Hassam.jpg

I finally finished it

I'll be honest, I did not see myself having this finished yet. I've been really motivated though by the encouragement from all of you, so thank you so much.

Once this has gone up everywhere, I'm going to be adding a Commissions page to my blog so keep an eye out for that.

I'm also going to be making a post about my situation. I've been vocal about some of it but I think I need to pull it all together.


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Finally managed to get some more progress on this. Hoping to have it finished by the end of the week. What do you guys think so far?

Still deciding whether I want to stream or not, for now, here's the current progress on this painting!

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WIP from yesterday's stream. Going to be continuing it today over on twitch in about 15 minutes. I'll make a post here once I'm live.

\~~~ Want to support me so I can keep drawing? I'm on Kofi! ko-fi.com/nagahissteria


Practicing with the symmetry tool on CSP!

Still Life with Roses and Decorative Elephant (detail), Marie Nyl-Frosch

Part of the tapestry I’m working on!

β€œYou are more than your parts.” Flashed the green lights on the discarded screen. β€œThe sadness will pass.” Hummed the quiet gears from within the silver chest. β€œThese stormclouds do not define you.” Hissed the plethora of tangled wires. The pipes clicked their agreement from within the walls. β€œWhen you least expect, it will get better. Trust me."