i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals. i take nice pictures sometimes.

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naiad asked:

I saw it's your birthday! Happy birthday :D

Thank you! I had a lovely day πŸ’–

naiad asked:


we saw birth and death,

well, I know a thing about contrition,

are we growing up, or just going down,

roll the window down, let the air blow 'round you

rhythm is a dancer; it's a soul's companion

naiad asked:

assumption: you like those detailed marble statues of people

god you're so right and you probably had no idea how much so. i love them. if i won the lottery i'd commission one of myself

naiad asked:

you could name your town Olympus to keep with the Greek mythology theme but it's not as dark as Hades

that is a very tasty and aesthetic workaround of you thank you v much πŸ˜―πŸ’•

naiad asked:

⭐-If you like space, what do you like about it?

i love space. i love how huge it is and how every single star can represent an entirely different area of the universe of such a huge scale. i love how insignificant it makes me feel, because it gives me perspective and makes me feel liberated to live my life how i want.

i remember one night in my teens, when i felt absolutely at the end of my tether, and i just sat on my kitchen floor looking at the sky outside, and when i saw just a few stars and really remembered how huge the universe is, all my problems and fears felt tiny in comparison. even if it seems like my world is falling apart, life goes on, and nobody is out there keeping tally of my failures. next to space, i am small, in the very best possible way.

naiad asked:

At first I thought you were saying two teens died on your pool float and you were only mourning the loss of your float and I was just like "damn that is COLD"

LMAAAAOOOO gosh no, i was consumed in my grief and wording poorly. the kiddos are all fine!! two of them just decided to try jumping onto/fighting over it at once despite it being meant for one person to just like hang out on so it perished p quickly. big sad cause both me and my bf couldn't get to just hang out and float around on it chilling for more than like 2 mins each beforehand but what can you do, it was pure drama walking slowly out of the sea clutching the detached, deflated half of it while wailing as it leaked water

naiad asked:

Is today your birthday too?? I'm aslo an August 3rd baby!

i don't know why i didn't see that i had gotten this sooner yktjggjhdcgjdb sorry!!! my birthday was the 30th of july ahaha. late happy birthday though!!!!

naiad asked:


sea baby.... thank you!!! you actually aren't the first to say this. it's a lil blue merbaby and i love it with all my heart