i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals. i take nice pictures sometimes.

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i tried making my first ever honey cake for rosh hashanah and it's in the oven and i'm worried it won't cook through well without burning on top because the tray i used is so deep but it smells so good!!!!!!

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now we're in lockdown i'm 'stuck' at my bf's house with his fam, which is defo the better place for my mental health, but like... my bf's sister and mum are so ACTIVE and i have to remote work all day and i have a mean cold atm and tbh i feel too self conscious to try to exercise around them anyway so now i just... feel like a slob lmao :') i just wanna go for a real long walk but i have to be at a computer until 5:30pm and i hate it bc now i don't even get the natural activity built into my day like i usually would working in the library/moving around the school.

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i did 25 mins of yoga and ate one (1) apple. i am the picture of health

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what's y'alls fav ice cream flavour n topping? mines cookies n cream w potato chips :^)

persephone -

mint choc chip for standard flavours, but my absolute favourite is definitely a mcflurry with smarties on top!!

very rarely do i drink milk, but when i do it's like some lactose starved demon inside me has awoken and demands that i drink an entire glass in three gulps

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why does cereal milk just hit different than any other drink. NOTHING else is as refreshing

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you know what this isn't how i would have thought to put it but you're right

why does cereal milk just hit different than any other drink. NOTHING else is as refreshing

if youve ever eaten milky way magic stars and you DONT have a favourite one that you always save for last you are not fulfilling your purpose

mcflurries are easily in my top 5 reasons to be happy to be alive

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different mcnugget shapes hit different, end of

phantomflame03 -

The boot is the best one

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and this is the only valid favourite