i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals. i take nice pictures sometimes.

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why does cereal milk just hit different than any other drink. NOTHING else is as refreshing

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you know what this isn't how i would have thought to put it but you're right

got proposed to by a bag of giant hula hoops today lads

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they asked and i said yes ❀❀❀

got proposed to by a bag of giant hula hoops today lads


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i'd never made bread before so yesterday my boyfriend and i made some and it turned out so well that we did it again today with the addition of some olives and sundried tomatoes. it's delicious! πŸ’›

adulthood is realising that raisins in cookies isn't disappointing if they're in the right cookies

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today we found a simple cookie recipe and made the addition of more vanilla, some cinnamon, raisins and oats and they are delicious!

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it's raining outside (it has been all day) and i'm eating some sat on the bed listening to the wind and the rain on the window and drinking my tea in the lamplight and it's glorious

we made some real nice crispy potato slices with one of the potatoes we grew for dinner πŸ˜„

hopped on our bikes and went to brunch today and it was delicious ☺️

today we harvested some of our potatoes (early because a certain pup trampled the plant...) and i made omelettes with the shallots and chives we grew!!

i made butterfly cakes today and the texture came out real nice ☺️

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my sister got us real cute cakes from chinatown!!!!

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This looks delicious!

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it was!!! they put chunks of fresh fruit with a little whipped cream in the middle and it keeps just the right amount of bite and the sponge is so light!! i wish i could share some with y'all πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

my sister got us real cute cakes from chinatown!!!!

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lime asked:

plain cheese pride

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to make up for my transgressions Ive made plain cheese pride flags



The white stripes on the top and bottom are there to represent that our cheese doesn't go on ANYTHING. it is plain

the cheese coloured stripes represent us eating the cheese

and the white stripe in the middle represents the sanctity of god

comes in cheese string and cheese wheel variants!