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Art Dump [Dungeons and Dragons]

So much has happened in all the campaigns I'm in,,, In my Roll20 one, I almost got one-shotted by a phase spider. It did 16 damage to my measly 17hp pool, and in Roendal my character almost immidietly made the entire party suspicious because he failed a deception check.

Most of these doodles are for my Roendal campaign. My PC is a high elf rogue named Thol Rainborn, and his backstory is uhhh a lil wild. I really can't wait for the big fuckin reveal and the rest of the party will probably immidietly turn on me lmao

[Speed Paint](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OWzFn2LVYQ "Speed Paint)

[Link Tree](https://linktr.ee/Raziel "Link Tree)

Friendly reminder to not use any of my art without my permission! Ask first please!

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An old commission for @/Lizylewd on twitter!!

Vindicaris - Mermay(s)

Mermay 2018 + 2019. Got some ideas for 2020 already.

A bachelorette in Ad Mire! She's actually Kai's twin sister and the lead inventor of the workshop.

Toon me challenge!

I had fun doing this (:

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Sailor Mercury (for Sailor Moon Space)

A bachelor in Ad Mire! I originally had him named Kuo, but later realized that Kuo is a chinese surname. So now he's Kai!

Sailor Moon Space promo picture #3

take a peek at the WIP of Sailor Venus here

news soon

A bachelor in Ad Mire! He's blind in his left eye due to the same damage that left his face scarred.

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An angel touches the full moon | 📷: Christian Barrette (Flickr)

Lerun the magical foxtail bunny icon

Finally made an icon for her!

I am incredibly pleased with this token border I worked on for my Occultist in open legend. Time to picrew a nice image to go in there ovo

Edit: oops, the upper eyes are missing some color, I'll fix that later.

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@gloatbee posted about magicvoxel a while ago and I wanted to try it out so I made some minimalist Harry Potter books for my first attempt at 3d art :3

gloatbee -

OOOOOHHHHH, I hope you liked it!! It's so easy to use and the last upgrades have made it really worth it

Also, this is a good start!

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The Home at sunset

So, ever since I read this, I knew I had to do something for it. I didn't google what a sunroom was until I finished drawing so this probably is not what @thehome had in mind, and of course, is lacking a whole lot of flower pots since I'm not good at interior desing, but I'll be damned if I say I didn't try my best, so here ya go!

Butterfree Colour Palette Challenge

Pastel Butterfree~