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Anyway coming up on 21 hours awake so bed time

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avengers assemble except it's just british waterfall users locating thell and hunting him down with a comforting beverage and a blanket embroidered with 'go the fuck to sleep'

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thell @ the waterfall userbase when he says hes gonna take a break

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my dash broke for a second and every image unloaded and every post was tagged "nsfw"

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It's our first Tumblr moment

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glitter bath ✨✨✨

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Dude I legit though you just held up the weirdest shaped orange in the world.

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excuse me i am a mango thanks

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there's a new drink at the tavern

i was at a carnival on Saturday, here’s a bush

(no blue filter bc i thought it looked better w/out it)

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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)

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Spiny pocket mouse Chaetodipus spinatus

C Charles A. Drost and Jan Hart, United States Geological Survey, public domain

An Anonymous user asked:

wow omf ur art is gr8 how do i reblog fucking all of it at once


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guess which bitch gave herself repetitive strain in a shoulder tendon from trying too hard to make good curries for her pokΓ©mon

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Ooh, if you wanna get at least Copperajah rank everytime, if not Charizard, head to the NPC camp on Route 7. Every time I've visited, there's 3 other NPCs (and a lot of Meowths) who will cook with you, and with some decent berries its super easy to make the best curries. Took me one curry to get my Cleffa up to a point I could evolve her.

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thank you for saving both my shoulder and my berry supplies :,)

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Forgot to post this a while back but here's saiki kuriko!!

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ LeTS gO ROt iN aForREST


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idk what kinda flowers these are because i'm an idiot, but ain't they pretty? (β—‘ β€Ώ β—‘ ✿)

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i'd give u my tiddys but most of the time i like the aesthetic of them, sorry

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Yall are allowed no context to this

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help i can't stop drawing >:3c faces

I saw the sneak peek of the new Blue's Clues show, and I was just so happy to see Blue again, I decided to draw her!

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i know quite a few of us here have mental health issues that we're struggling with and. well as much as i would love to pm everyone i dont have the spoons for that so here is a general message:

i see you. you matter. what youre feeling is difficult and painful and its okay sometimes that your standards dont match up to the people around you. youre not falling behind. dont push yourself too hard. your future may not seem so bright right now and yeah, maybe you wont achieve what you want to. but thats not to say youll achieve nothing. you can and will do wonderful things. your life might not turn out to be what you wanted, but it could be so much better than you can imagine right now. the tiniest act can change a life. hold onto that. and when you can, act.

On the Wakeing World

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There is more to this world than what we see. Hidden magic, secret worlds, impossible creatures, all of it hidden behind the Veil, a thin barrier between belief and skepticism. The Veil keeps magic hidden from most people, for those who grew up and stopped believing, in magic, in Santa Clause, in fairies. Those who do believe, however, often catch glimpses of things they don't quite understand. And sometimes, those glimpses light the way down a path leading to a new side of the world, filled with magic and wonder. This is the Wakeing world. Those who live within it don't always have magic in their blood, but they do always live free to be themselves, in whatever way they want. Because whether they have magic themselves, living in the magical world surrounds them with safety, mystery, happiness and confidence.

But there is danger in the magical world as well. Impossible and rare creatures are always hunted. It's the job and lifestyle of the Punishment to bring an end to those with magic in their blood, and the world that they've created.

There are many people in the Wakeing World that dedicate their lives to keeping the rest of their magical world safe from the Punishment. The Warriors fight the Punishment wherever they can find them, the Knights guard the Wakeing territories, the Guardians watch over it all nearly as gods, the Phoenix interferre when the Punishment becomes too powerful, and the Hell Raisers cause mayhem to as many Punishment soldiers and a few Outsiders as they can.

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Sleepy sheeps

Might actually digitally redraw this someday...