i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals


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inteleon looks like johnny depp would have one

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conservative gay furry

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sometimes a guy likes naturecore and is not feminine, that's his brand of masculinity -which doesn't have to be hegemonic or complicit- and if you're assigning a gender to motherfucking moss and leaves and flowers? that's on you. gonna go pick daisies and look at the sunset now.

tbh i find Sex Education a bit unnecessarily crude and not even that funny aside from Eric but i am absolutely here for everything looking like the 80s for literally no reason despite it clearly being set in times of modern technology

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> finding out What Pumpkin staff now know about WF

> check mod panel

> "oh wow that's a big spike in users"

> check Google Analytics

i swear Eric is actually 50% of the comedy in Sex Education

my boyfriend is the light of my life

i am on my bed with my big fluffy pillow and my soft fluffy blanket and a cup of tea and i am safe and life is good

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It's okay to take up space.

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broke alignment chart: good/neutral/evil + lawful/neutral/chaotic

woke alignment chart: bastard/dumbass/thot + cursed/tired/horny

it is.... decided πŸ₯° thank you all!!!!! the big question now is what i name her!!!

ok yall i give in i want a jellycat bunny but which one do i get?? which is more me??? white with shiny gold stars in her ears or blush pink with a retro floral pattern?

get a load of this guy and his tiny legs. god i love him

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River Flowing through the City by Vytautas Laisonas

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Taguchi Yuka

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Bear Soft Sculptures from PastYourPorchlight

Very important Luke!

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Securigera orientalis

C Krzysztof Ziarnek, CC 4.0

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My brother's cat has been hangin out with me all day for some reason or another, and it's really sweet... even though she's usually the mean one of our three cats.

I love her, though. She's a little blob of darkness with eyes.

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i love when dogs do that bark that's just a little "boof"

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funky forest