i like flowers and bees and crystals and cute animals. i take nice pictures sometimes.

you can view my photography here and support me if you wish through my ko-fi πŸ’›


hi!! you can call me effie if you'd like. i'm a 25 year old woman who likes books, plants, nature, cute animals, mythology, shiny rocks and pretty jewellery. i really enjoy photography and you can look at pictures i've taken here. :)

you will probably also see, as time goes on:

  • pokΓ©mon

  • animal crossing

  • harvest moon/story of seasons/stardew valley

  • minecraft

  • star wars

  • the good place

  • star vs the forces of evil


i also have a sideblog dedicated to gardening, cottagecore and nature specifically, and another for all the crystal-based/witchy stuff i come across. if you need anything tagged or i slip up and forget to tag something sensitive, please let me know!

i don't typically knowingly follow minors. my blog should be sfw pretty much entirely, and any exceptions will be tagged to the best of my memory, but being in my mid-20s it doesn't feel comfortable to have minors i don't personally know for whatever reason interacting with me or to be following them. if you want to follow, it's up to you - but please don't be offended if i don't intiate or continue interactions with you, or follow you back.

biphobes, homophobes, terfs, transphobes, radfems etc DNI. take it somewhere else!!!